Tuesday, March 29, 2005

TV Time-out

Two things:

  • From the Trib last week:
  • Comcast SportsNet Chicago launches on the Dish Network March 30, giving the station nearly complete penetration in the Chicago area.

    Finally!! Nothing like a Chicago baseball season to get Dish Network off it's collective ass. Where was this announcement in October???

  • Similarly outstanding news: The Bulls-Cavs game this Thursday has been moved from 7:30 to 7, because it is the lead game on TNT's national broadcast. Now it'll be neat to hear EJ, Kenny, and Chuck acknowledge the Bulls' success (they better give props to Skiles), but the Bulls have been a suck-fest on national TV over the past few years. They lost earlier in the season to Philadelphia on ESPN, and remember the group of games against the M.Jeff-led Wizards where the Bulls clawed their way to 60 or so points each contest. ::shudder::