Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Thanks a lot, capitalism...

The Bulls opened their exhibition season tonight at Boston (or nearby at least, in Manchester, N.H.). And I couldn't see the game.

True, the game was broadcasted on the newly christened Comcast Sports Net, owned by cable conglomerate Comcast in conjunction with Chicago owners Jerry Reinsdorf (Bulls and White Sox), Bill Wirtz (Blackhawks..not looking like a good investment considering there is no season), and the Tribune Co. (Cubs). This is similar to what Comcast has done in Philadelphia, and is a welcome addition with its proposed slate of local sports coverage. Now, I can listen to stories about Brian Urlacher's hamstring allll day.

However as of now this channel is only available to those who have Comcast Cable, and not to those who have DirecTV or, like me, Dish Network. Negotiations are ongoing, and a compromise should be inevitable since more Chicagoans subscribe to Dish than cable. And for good reason, since Comcast is expensive and their customer service is an absolute joke and I cancelled their cable just last weekend even though I knew it meant possibly missing Bulls games, because I hated them THAT MUCH.

Ok, just needed to get that off my chest. Seriously though, have a pow-wow and get this deal done Comcast, so I can enjoy the Bulls in some meaningless competition.

For tonight, at least, turns out I didn't miss much, as the Bulls got trampled in 30. Granted margin of victory in a preseason game really doesn't matter, but if you look at the box score you don't even see many moral victories. Curry and last year's 2nd round choice Tommy Smith had decent nights (Smith actually led the way with 13 points in 21 minutes). But they shot 36% from the floor, only 2-10 from 3-point range, and designated scorer of this year Ben Gordon had 0 field goals. Blech.

Next game is Friday at the United Center against the Hornets. Until then, I need to find the number to call and get my Comcast internet disconnected so I can switch to DSL....

Note: For some other Bulls season previews(mine will come eventually, I swear), check out courtesy of NBA.com and These Days.