Thursday, July 31, 2003

since there isn't much to offer today, heres a Bulls question from the recent Marc Stein chat
Jeromy (Chicago): What do you expect the Bulls to do this year? Will Scottie will them into the playoffs, or will the Jay Williams tragedy be too much to overcome. Please tell me my first year as a season ticket holder will come with a playoff berth... Marc Stein: They're further ahead of teams like the Cavs because they've been together a little longer and because they've got the size. Between Crawford and Pip they have ballhandlers -- bigger questions are whether we'll see consistency from Chandler and Curry and whether Jalen Rose can scale back his game sufficiently to make room for the big kids' growing roles and Pip's return.
Well it's good to see that somebody 'mainstream' kindof gets it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Well here's kind of a downer:
"After finishing 30-52 last season, the Bulls earned only one appearance on national television Dec. 4 at Philadelphia on TNT. "
Although I wish they got national TV exposure more often, I'm sure that the top 5 teams in the west get the bulk of it. I'm just wondering who got the most out of the 30 or so Wizards games from last year?
Hey, look who decides to show up:
wayward forward Eddie Robinson has been working out with the team in Deerfield this week for the first time all summer. Robinson had been refusing to return calls from team officials, so the Bulls fined him $50,000. Robinson is expected to contest the fine.
Well at least he remembered he plays basketball for a living.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I present to you, the 2003-2004 Bulls schedule (you need acrobat reader to view it)

Opening night is wed. 10/29 against the Wiz at home. They have a pretty easy schedule for the first 3 weeks, then look at this road trip:

10/18 - Phoenix 10/21 - Lakers 10/23 - Sacramento 10/25 - Dallas 10/26 - San Antonio
Bulls reach terms with Blount::
"The Bulls came to terms with Corie Blount on Monday night while saying goodbye to Fred Hoiberg, who agreed to terms with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Blount will sign a two-year, $3.4million deal, becoming the 15th and final player on the roster. 'We're real excited about it,'' said Mark Bartelstein, who represents Blount. 'He really enjoys mentoring the young players and had a great sense of pride watching Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler develop.'' The 6-10 Blount, 34, averaged 3.0 points, 4.1 rebounds and 16.7 minutes last season, but his defense and veteran leadership most impressed operations chief John Paxson."
So that's it for your Bulls offseason. Giving Blount 2 guaranteed years seems a bit fishy, since he'll hopefully see only limited time. If he's in too much, that'll mean Eddy and Tyson are in foul trouble. And Dali still can't play. Both scenarios are entirely possible.

Monday, July 28, 2003

So long, Fred:
"The Timberwolves also announced the signing of veteran free agent guard Fred Hoiberg, who averaged 2.3 points, 2.2 points, 1.1 assists and 12.4 minutes in 63 games last season with Chicago."
I will miss watching you brick open 20-footers. ::sniff::
Chad Ford's Summer League Duds:
Travis Outlaw, Blazers (4 ppg, 1.7 rpg, 32 percent shooting); Kirk Hinrich, Bulls (8.5 ppg, 3.3 apg 30 percent shooting); Mickael Pietrus, Warriors (7.9 ppg, 6.8 rpg on 32 percent shooting)
Dissapointing I guess, but as he mentions in the article: "Finally, don't put much stock, if any, in all of this. Loren Woods once scored 28 points in a summer league game. Do we need to say more?"
Well, now that Jordan's gone, I can't hate the Wizards anymore. Here's an article gushing over the young talent that the Wizards have now with the signing of Gilbert Arenas. He likes their young core more than the Bulls' or Cavs', which is a pretty big leap of faith.