Friday, September 19, 2003

I probably shouldn't, but i'll say a little something about "the Matadors" article on It was actually raported earlier in the Sun-Times a couple of weeks ago. Basically, the Matadors are a bunch of obese dudes who are gonna act as Bulls' cheerleaders for a half-dozen games this year. Like I said I wasn't going to say anything about it cause it is a pretty dumb idea. But I mean its right on the front page of I read it. Heres the quote that caught my eye:
A decade ago, the Bulls didn't need to resort to this. They had the best player on the planet. They had an on-the-court product that was enough to entertain sellout crowds night after night. And they were putting up championship banners every year. Oh, how things have changed -- for both the Bulls and my beloved Knicks. The rivalry may no longer be as fierce now, 10 years after Charles Smith botched those lay-ups. But I figured I could still exact some revenge.
The guy writing the column was a Knicks fan, and it was actually pretty funny to hear how he wore Knicks gear to this tryout. But Let me be VERY clear: the Bulls are in WAY better shape (no pun intended) than the Knicks. And he's right, 10 years ago they don't need this kind of stunt. And I think that now they don't need it either.

But fat guys ARE funny....

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I'm hoping this week that I can do some updates to the links section. That'll be my way of compensating for zero Bulls news lately. I'm sure things will be heating up once training camp starts.
I was lookin for evidence anywhere saying that Hassell got his option picked up, and I finally found it in an article about his high school:
"On Thursday the Chicago Bulls decided Hassell had done such a good job during the first two years of his contract that they exercised their club option to keep the 30th overall pick of the 2001 NBA draft for the final year of his contract with the Bulls. '(Bulls General Manager John) Paxson fully expects Trenton to be a large part of the rotation, just like he has been in the last couple of years,' said Jeff Cates, agent and financial adviser to Hassell. As a member of the Bulls, Hassell has earned the nickname the 'Minister of Defense,' for his defensive abilities on the baskeball court. So it is no wonder why he has always earned the assignment of guarding the opponent's leading scorer and offensive threat, whether that happened to be Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson or Kobe Bryant."
This was an expected move anyway, but it was odd that I couldn't find this info anywhere else.

"Minister of Defense" eh? I thought that was Reggie White. Despite what his agent says, Trent will have a diminished role this year, and that should be obvious just be seeing that in the offseason they've added Pippen, Gill, and Hinrich to their guard/SF rotation. But Hassell can still be valuable to this team in limited minutes, he just needs to hit a jump shot or two.