Friday, September 19, 2003

I probably shouldn't, but i'll say a little something about "the Matadors" article on It was actually raported earlier in the Sun-Times a couple of weeks ago. Basically, the Matadors are a bunch of obese dudes who are gonna act as Bulls' cheerleaders for a half-dozen games this year. Like I said I wasn't going to say anything about it cause it is a pretty dumb idea. But I mean its right on the front page of I read it. Heres the quote that caught my eye:
A decade ago, the Bulls didn't need to resort to this. They had the best player on the planet. They had an on-the-court product that was enough to entertain sellout crowds night after night. And they were putting up championship banners every year. Oh, how things have changed -- for both the Bulls and my beloved Knicks. The rivalry may no longer be as fierce now, 10 years after Charles Smith botched those lay-ups. But I figured I could still exact some revenge.
The guy writing the column was a Knicks fan, and it was actually pretty funny to hear how he wore Knicks gear to this tryout. But Let me be VERY clear: the Bulls are in WAY better shape (no pun intended) than the Knicks. And he's right, 10 years ago they don't need this kind of stunt. And I think that now they don't need it either.

But fat guys ARE funny....