Thursday, August 21, 2003


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There's lots of Kendall Gill articles today, and he sure seems pretty excited. There was even a quote saying that his 3 most important jerseys were his highschool, UofI, and now the Bulls. The rest only led up to this Bulls jersey. Gee...isn't that nice of him. I really like this move though because any minute that Gill is on the floor instead of Trenton Hassell is an improvement.

In other Bulls news, check out this Daily Herald article: (thanks to Tim for the link)

"Speaking of Europe, Paxson does not expect second-round draft picks Mario Austin and Tommy Smith to participate in Bulls training camp. Austin reportedly has signed with European power CSKA Moscow, while the Bulls are searching for a spot for Smith. If Austin and Smith play overseas, the Bulls will continue to hold their rights. Paxson wants to be prepared for next summer's expansion draft. If, for instance, the Charlotte Bobcats select Lonny Baxter, then Austin would be a ready replacement."
I think thats a strategy that more teams will try to use. At least until the NBA makes a REAL developmental league. That expansion draft next year is going to be real interesting. There are several rumors out there saying that Charlotte may draft E-Rob, based on his play with the (then) Charlotte Hornets. The kind of play that made Krause drive a truckload of money to his door.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I speculated yesterday over who'd go if Kendall Gill is getting signed, now the Sun-Times says its bye bye Bagaric
Dalibor Bagaric's days with the Bulls are over as the addition of Kendall Gill, who is expected to be signed today, pushes the team's roster to 16, one player over the limit. Bagaric became so despondent with his lack of playing time last season, he asked Krause to trade him. Instead, Krause surprisingly guaranteed Bagaric's contract for next season for nearly $1.4 million. Bagaric is expected to clear waivers and play next season in Europe.
He should've been in Europe the past few years learning how to play since it was obvious from the start that he wasn't ready for the NBA. I'm still pretty suprised by this move because it makes more sense to me to keep a 7-footer than all these combo guards (my new favorite term). Either way if Gill comes aboard, I think Hassell's minutes will go significantly down, so theres only good coming from this move. UPDATE: Its official: the Bulls have signed Kendall Gill

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

The Score(670am) is reporting that this signing is imminent
The Bulls are contemplating signing veteran swingman Kendall Gill to a free-agent contract, according to a team source. he could sign as early as Tuesday. At 6 feet 5 inches and 215 pounds, Gill, 35, is a decent defender with long arms who can provide scoring off the bench. He also is the type of veteran presence that Paxson is seeking to command respect in the locker room, even if he plays a limited reserve role. If Gill signs, the Bulls would have 16 players under contract, although Jay Williams is out for the season. That means Paxson still could make another personnel move this summer to lose a contract.
So this obviously means that Mason would be gone, or the Trenton Hassell experiment is over. Either way that sounds good to me. Gill is the type of player that Hassell or Mason project to be anyway, but Gill is already a vet and a good role player. The real benefit is now during Bulls games we can see Gill highlights from the '89 flying Illini.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Looks like Jamal isn't going to get an extension:
Before dropping a triple-double in Jalen Rose's charity all-star game at the United Center, Crawford said he's not upset about the likelihood his contract won't be extended this year. Crawford, 23, who is entering his fourth season, was hoping to sign an extension, but operations chief John Paxson said he's inclined to be patient and perhaps wait until next year. ''We want something that's fair to both sides,'' Crawford said. ''If it doesn't work out this summer, no problem. ''A lot of guys don't get extended after their third year.'' ''I'm sure there will be offers from other teams,'' Crawford said, "but my first priority is to stay here. ''Things could really work out in my favor because minutes and everything will be there. It's just on me now. I've been working real hard this summer, and I'm ready. I'm excited for us as a team.'' Crawford said there are no hard feelings regarding Paxson's stance. Paxson also must think about signing Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry to extensions next year.
Pax is definately doing the right thing having a wait-and-see approach with crawford. This year there will be no real competition, and it'll be his chance to show if he's worth an extension or not. Its a better Idea than getting an extension based on potential. Loyal (not only) reader Tim went to the charity game yesterday, and I hope to post some unauthorized pictures soon!