Tuesday, August 19, 2003

The Score(670am) is reporting that this signing is imminent
The Bulls are contemplating signing veteran swingman Kendall Gill to a free-agent contract, according to a team source. he could sign as early as Tuesday. At 6 feet 5 inches and 215 pounds, Gill, 35, is a decent defender with long arms who can provide scoring off the bench. He also is the type of veteran presence that Paxson is seeking to command respect in the locker room, even if he plays a limited reserve role. If Gill signs, the Bulls would have 16 players under contract, although Jay Williams is out for the season. That means Paxson still could make another personnel move this summer to lose a contract.
So this obviously means that Mason would be gone, or the Trenton Hassell experiment is over. Either way that sounds good to me. Gill is the type of player that Hassell or Mason project to be anyway, but Gill is already a vet and a good role player. The real benefit is now during Bulls games we can see Gill highlights from the '89 flying Illini.