Saturday, October 11, 2003

Bulls-Celtics 'tilt' Lookin through the ole boxscore... DNPs: Fizer, Rose, Pip, E-Rob. Curry played after missing the preseason opener. Hinrich had a better game this time around, 4 asst. and 3 TO in 29 minutes. All of his points came on 3 3-pointers...nice. Marshall was 4-7 from behind the arc. Tyson had 3 blocks after his 8 the game before. hmm..not much else, just thought I'd post something.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Wow...the preseason is so...Boring! Am I the only one who thinks this? I guess its because with half of the team being hurt you can't really get a good gauge on what to look for. And you can't really 'look' for anything, since these games aren't on TV. But its still nice to look at a boxscore and go "hey, Tyson had 8 blocks!" or "blech, Hinrich had 5 turnovers and 0 assists". Its just all a big tease for the season to start. Speaking of the season, bless The Bulls Reporter for starting his season preview so I don't have to. I'm sure I'll do one sometime, but it'll probably just be a derivative of his. In fact, expect my season preview to be mostly about pointing out the faults of the other Eastern Conference teams, 'cause stuff like that never gets old. Anyway, Stu over there at is predicting 48 wins. That's optimism baby...or Bulls Kool-aid. Injury notes Here's a roundup: Eddy may play tonight, Scottie won't. Jalen obviously won't. E-Rob is rubbing ben-gay all over his body.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Scrimmage that a day? The Bulls are holding their open scrimmage tonight. Not that many people (sadly, including me) will care much because of the Cubs playoff game. But if I had a chance to go it seems like a fun time. Autographs, a little scrimmage, and they'll be playing the cubs game on the TVs around the stadium. And they'll be done by 8. And.....Corie Blount. Same Old E-Rob? As somebody really pulling for E-Rob to turn it around (considering the lack of alternatives), this is kind of discouraging:
"The biggest disappointment of training camp has been Eddie Robinson's physical condition. Robinson hardly has practiced, spending most of the time on a stationary bike with what is described as a 'tight lower back.'' Bulls management isn't surprised because Robinson was a no-show for workouts at the Berto Center most of the summer. Paxson tried to get Robinson's attention by fining him $50,000, but nothing seems to have changed
I'll just try and not get worked up about this. It's only preseason. I hope that he isn't pulling the same kind of crap all year though.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Jalen Injury Scare Jalen Rose will be out 2-3 weeks with a thumb ligament sprain he suffered after a drive to the basket in practice. But theres a silver lining to see:
Management initially feared that Rose had torn ligaments when he fell and landed on his thumb, which likely would have required surgery and a two- to three-month absence. Instead, an examination Sunday morning by a hand surgeon determined that Rose had sprained a ligament. He is wearing a cast to immobilize the hand and will be re-evaluated in a week. "When you consider that surgery is an alternative, any time you can get over an injury like this with immobilization and hopefully a short period of recuperation, you feel like you won," trainer Fred Tedeschi said.
I don't need to say how much losing Rose for that much time would've hurt. And while Rose gets a lot of flack when things go bad, he's still very much needed on this team. So this means the preseason will be an opportunity to see more minutes for Gill, Hinrich, et al. I'm just happy since the Bulls have seemed to dodge a bullet here. Maybe to increase that 'average age'?? Theres a note at the bottom of the article suggesting that the Bulls try and sign Dikembe Mutumbo, who was effectively paid by the Nets not to play for them last week. I'll drop a news item on you all: Deke can't play anymore. Let him return to the sarcophagus from which he came :)

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Go Away! undoubtedly he was spreading the same veteran advice that Kwame Brown enjoyed so much.