Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Scrimmage Day...is that a day? The Bulls are holding their open scrimmage tonight. Not that many people (sadly, including me) will care much because of the Cubs playoff game. But if I had a chance to go it seems like a fun time. Autographs, a little scrimmage, and they'll be playing the cubs game on the TVs around the stadium. And they'll be done by 8. And.....Corie Blount. Same Old E-Rob? As somebody really pulling for E-Rob to turn it around (considering the lack of alternatives), this is kind of discouraging:
"The biggest disappointment of training camp has been Eddie Robinson's physical condition. Robinson hardly has practiced, spending most of the time on a stationary bike with what is described as a 'tight lower back.'' Bulls management isn't surprised because Robinson was a no-show for workouts at the Berto Center most of the summer. Paxson tried to get Robinson's attention by fining him $50,000, but nothing seems to have changed
I'll just try and not get worked up about this. It's only preseason. I hope that he isn't pulling the same kind of crap all year though.