Friday, October 10, 2003

Wow...the preseason is so...Boring! Am I the only one who thinks this? I guess its because with half of the team being hurt you can't really get a good gauge on what to look for. And you can't really 'look' for anything, since these games aren't on TV. But its still nice to look at a boxscore and go "hey, Tyson had 8 blocks!" or "blech, Hinrich had 5 turnovers and 0 assists". Its just all a big tease for the season to start. Speaking of the season, bless The Bulls Reporter for starting his season preview so I don't have to. I'm sure I'll do one sometime, but it'll probably just be a derivative of his. In fact, expect my season preview to be mostly about pointing out the faults of the other Eastern Conference teams, 'cause stuff like that never gets old. Anyway, Stu over there at is predicting 48 wins. That's optimism baby...or Bulls Kool-aid. Injury notes Here's a roundup: Eddy may play tonight, Scottie won't. Jalen obviously won't. E-Rob is rubbing ben-gay all over his body.