Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Moving day

I'm happy to announce my long-planned and eagerly-anticipated move over to BlogABull.com.

This new site is part of Sportsblogs Nation. A collection of top-notch sportsblogs, their portfolio up to this point has been only baseball blogs, but they've tabbed me to be to start and lead their hoops blogging. I'm really excited about the move, as the new site looks cleaner and the software certainly operates smoother than Blogger (Yocohoops.com uses this software as well).

I'm looking forward to increased exposure (SBNation has been featured in several mainstream press articles), and hopefully finding more members from the basketblogosphere to join me in the future. I really think this is the right blogging team for me to be a part of.

Now to the longtime readers, I sincerely hope you come with me to the new site. While I've been meaning to move for a while, I have delayed it partly because I so enjoyed how things were going here. I know change can be annoying, but you can trust me when I say that while the bookmarks change, the blog remains the same.

And that goes especially to you commenters. To PDaddy, CRG, Tom, Ben (the lot of you), Jobu, Wateska, and others, I have to warn (or should I say remind) you that SBNation blogs require registration through email before commenting and leaving diaries. I know some people out there don't like the idea of registration, but I hope you guys even put up a one-time-use email address so you can be able to comment at the new place. Failing that, there's always email. BlogABull will provide even more and easier ways to be a part of the great discussions we've enjoyed together here, so it'd be nice to see you regulars along for the ride.

And to my fellow bloggers, give me a shout out on the move and update your bookmarks! I know I don't deserve as much since I am notoriously lazy when it comes to updating my own links (it'll be easier at the new place, I swear!), but any help ensuring smooth transition will be appreciated

So from now on, you'll find me at BlogABull.com. Seeya there!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Big news

Not yet.

But soon enough!

(By the way, it's regarding this site, not the Bulls, obviously.)