Friday, September 26, 2003

Updated Links!!!

I really should give myself a pat on the back. Neglecting all studies and social interaction, I spent most of the day gazing at the site. This was actually a long time coming, there are several links I've added to the page on the left. A rundown:

Mikey's Chicago Bulls page - Mikey's is a reader to Bulls Blog, and has a very nice Bulls site of his own. It's really well-designed, and its just been re-started after years of being dormant....because well the Bulls are good again.

The Sox Stringer - This is made by an old high-school chum of mine and is about the White Sox. Not a good time to be a Sox blogger, but at least he has to look forward to the end of Jerry Manuel's tenure.

The Bulls' Boards - yes, sometimes I visit these message boards. They're actually really popular and there's a lot of Bulls chatter on both. If you're going to the ESPN message boards you're cheating yourself.

Its important to know that all the sites on the left I put on the page because I actually visit them and find them entertaining and useful. Oh, and the fact that they linked me. I call it "the link dance of love". Honorable mention goes out to All Things NBA for linking me as well, which puts me in the same distinguished company as 20,000 other sites.

Krause's Banner

Here's a pic of the rafters of the United Center, taken at the Jalen Rose Charity game last month by my buddy Tim. The Krause banner, as you can see, is already up and on the way right, next to Phil Jackson. In case its too dark, or can't says "General Manager / Jerry Krause/ 6 NBA Titles" So what they'll be doing at the actual ceremony, (read more about that below....too bad my posts arent linking right) I have no idea:

Nothing like pre-season optimism All is fine and good in Bulls-land, where the Herald today talks about Pippen's visit to the Berto center:
Pippen only stayed for about a half-hour while his wife Larsa waited outside in the car. Some of Pippen's new teammates are hoping the 16-year veteran will join in pick-up games today. "Scottie's a nice guy," Crawford said. "He's all about the team and he's ready to win and get us to the playoffs." "I love Pip from watching him play and playing against him," Chandler added. "So I'm really looking forward and am excited to be able to play with him."
Also mentioned is Scottie taking the whole gang out to a golf outing. And Fizer's speedy recovery from surgery, and crawford starting camp with the rookies instead of waiting......good times all around.

But isn't that what the offseason is all about?

Thursday, September 25, 2003

I'm tellin ya...this day is going to be real interesting:
Mark your calendars. The Jerry Krause lovefest is scheduled for Oct. 31 at the United Center. OK, so maybe Krause will draw his typical mixed reaction when the Bulls honor their former general manager at halftime of the season's second game, against Atlanta. After all, this is the man who used to get booed at championship rallies in Grant Park. But maybe fans also will remember the six championships that Krause helped bring to Chicago when a banner is raised in his honor. Krause has decided to attend the ceremony after initially having mixed feelings about doing so. No word on who will introduce Krause, but Johnny "Red" Kerr is a good guess
My buddy Tim was at the United Center for the Jalen Rose Celeb game, and he said the banner was already up. I think I may have picture somewhere actually...

I certainly hope that people don't boo Krause when he recieves this honor. Although who hangs up a banner for a GM??? Luckily the people at the game will be actual Bulls fans (since who would come to see Atlanta), and not the dopes who always came to the Jordan love-fests when the Wizards came to town.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

ahh...those second-round picks never get any love:
"Bulls second-round draft picks Mario Austin of Mississippi State (35th overall) and Tommy Smith of Arizona State (53rd) will play overseas rather than try to win a spot on the team's roster during training camp, which opens Tuesday. ''This way, they get the playing time and experience to help them develop, and we keep our NBA rights on them for the next year,'' Bulls general manager John Paxson said. ''Mario is playing for CSKA [a first-division team in Moscow], and Tommy is playing for Split [in Croatia]. It's a situation that helps both sides. Had we brought them to camp, we probably would have had to cut them.''"
This has been speculated for some time, but I think this is the first time they mentioned what teams Austin and Smith will be going to. Just in case you wanted to buy your CSKA jersey right away.

So instead of Austin and Smith, look for the Bulls to bring in a bunch of non-roster basketball nomads to be sacrificed to Curry and Chandler in camp. This is a smart move by Paxson, yet it makes me pine even more for a true developmental league in the U.S......But that's a discussion for another day.