Friday, September 26, 2003

Nothing like pre-season optimism All is fine and good in Bulls-land, where the Herald today talks about Pippen's visit to the Berto center:
Pippen only stayed for about a half-hour while his wife Larsa waited outside in the car. Some of Pippen's new teammates are hoping the 16-year veteran will join in pick-up games today. "Scottie's a nice guy," Crawford said. "He's all about the team and he's ready to win and get us to the playoffs." "I love Pip from watching him play and playing against him," Chandler added. "So I'm really looking forward and am excited to be able to play with him."
Also mentioned is Scottie taking the whole gang out to a golf outing. And Fizer's speedy recovery from surgery, and crawford starting camp with the rookies instead of waiting......good times all around.

But isn't that what the offseason is all about?