Monday, August 18, 2003

Looks like Jamal isn't going to get an extension:
Before dropping a triple-double in Jalen Rose's charity all-star game at the United Center, Crawford said he's not upset about the likelihood his contract won't be extended this year. Crawford, 23, who is entering his fourth season, was hoping to sign an extension, but operations chief John Paxson said he's inclined to be patient and perhaps wait until next year. ''We want something that's fair to both sides,'' Crawford said. ''If it doesn't work out this summer, no problem. ''A lot of guys don't get extended after their third year.'' ''I'm sure there will be offers from other teams,'' Crawford said, "but my first priority is to stay here. ''Things could really work out in my favor because minutes and everything will be there. It's just on me now. I've been working real hard this summer, and I'm ready. I'm excited for us as a team.'' Crawford said there are no hard feelings regarding Paxson's stance. Paxson also must think about signing Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry to extensions next year.
Pax is definately doing the right thing having a wait-and-see approach with crawford. This year there will be no real competition, and it'll be his chance to show if he's worth an extension or not. Its a better Idea than getting an extension based on potential. Loyal (not only) reader Tim went to the charity game yesterday, and I hope to post some unauthorized pictures soon!