Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I speculated yesterday over who'd go if Kendall Gill is getting signed, now the Sun-Times says its bye bye Bagaric
Dalibor Bagaric's days with the Bulls are over as the addition of Kendall Gill, who is expected to be signed today, pushes the team's roster to 16, one player over the limit. Bagaric became so despondent with his lack of playing time last season, he asked Krause to trade him. Instead, Krause surprisingly guaranteed Bagaric's contract for next season for nearly $1.4 million. Bagaric is expected to clear waivers and play next season in Europe.
He should've been in Europe the past few years learning how to play since it was obvious from the start that he wasn't ready for the NBA. I'm still pretty suprised by this move because it makes more sense to me to keep a 7-footer than all these combo guards (my new favorite term). Either way if Gill comes aboard, I think Hassell's minutes will go significantly down, so theres only good coming from this move. UPDATE: Its official: the Bulls have signed Kendall Gill