Monday, October 11, 2004

Parting Shots

Jamal Crawford:

"I would say it's a little different here. Here, there's no hidden agenda, there's no motives, it's just to win. This is a first-class organization,"

Whatever Jamal, maybe that that organization you used to belong to can take back that generous contract. Geez, maybe Pippen did a little too much teaching last year.

Argh, well this kind of thing happens all the time, I shouldn't get too upset. Anyway, I'm sure Jamal will be very productive in New York. Why, ask his backcourt-mate, Stephon Marbury!:

"There will be a lot of between-the-legs stuff. Jamal is very athletic and plays with a flair the way I do. You've got two guys with trickery to their game, and that's beautiful."

So, if anybody wants to go check out the new Harlem Globetrotters...