Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Case closed?

Ben Gordon sure looked like the rightful rookie of the year tonight, scoring 35 points in a 102-99 victory over Charlotte and fellow ROY candidate Emeka Okafor (who did have 17pts 10rebs).

After Tyson Chandler was ejected with 5 minutes remaining the game, the Bulls heavily relied on Gordon as his floormates down the stretch were Davis, Harrington, Pargo and Deng. Many times the Bulls had nothing going on offense, but just handed the ball to Ben who couldn't miss. Made an otherwise boring game (with the overall lack of talent on the floor) very fun to watch.

My mindset while watching the 4th made me realize how far this team has come. Against an expansion team like the Bobcats, even though the Bulls were in a tight game I fully expected them to find a way. How many times in the past 7 years were similar 4th quarters spent waiting to see how the Bulls could screw it up?

(read below for tonight's earlier post. Like I said I thought this game would be nothing worth writing about so it was posted before it's end)