Friday, August 06, 2004

One person's probably still junk to another person as well.

Scroll down to read yesterday's analysis on the Jamal Crawford deal, from the monies perspective. But what the Bulls got back were not just expiring contracts, they're human beings damnit! Maybe not so much in the case of Cezary Trebanski, who I've actually never seen, and may not be real. In fact, all you need to know about Trebanski is that I read somewhere (can't find the link) that he makes Dalibor Bagaric look like a prospect. So lets just assume he'll never put on the uniform. Either developing a mild case of 'Knee Tendonitis', or a severe case of 'Plane back to Europe.'

Now on to the rest, how will these new pieces fit, if only for 1 more year?

  • Frank(ie) Williams: For those who have read me for a while, you will know how much of a Frankie guy I am. Watching his college career at the University of Illinois in person makes me unavoidably biased, but I really think Williams will be a good backup guard for this team. For a detailed analysis, go to Kevin Pelton's guest-post on Knickerblogger. What you'll find is that Williams has made himself a into a good defender, although he still can't shoot very well. On the Bulls, all they need him to do is spell Hinrich at the point, run the plays, play some D, and listen to me yelling "ILL-INI" from the stands. And he's better than either Chris Duhon or Jannero Pargo, who were battling for that role in the summer league. It appears that battle has ended, with both being the loser. 
  • Othella Harrington: He's pretty much your older brother's Marcus Fizer. An undersized PF in the Fizer or Corliss Williamson mold who can score ya a few points and foul you on defense. As John Hollinger wrote in his last Prospectus, he's the kind of player who counted on his athleticism in the paint to make up for his lack of height. Now that he is on the wrong side of 30, that athleticism is leaving him, and that's how you get your name referred to in the paper only as  'expiring contract'.
  • Dikembe Mutumbo: Its been a long time since he was laying on his back clutching the ball celebrating his Nuggets' series upset of the top ranked Seattle (super)Sonics. And I think he was only about 36 then. Mutumbo can't really do much anymore, but Shaddax over at These Days thinks he will still help out the team:

    An incidental benefit for the Bulls is that the two players they got back who will play a role for them, Mutombo and Harrington, are both hard workers with reasonably physical styles who believe themselves (especially in Mutombo's case) to be starting caliber players. That's exactly the sort of person Curry and Chandler should be surrounded with at this point to help them develop; if anything will stimulate the competitive drive in Curry and help Chandler toughen up, a Mount Mut elbow or six to the grill in practice will. It also will put a bit more heft into threats of benching.

    Well, that's great, but the Bulls already have Antonio Davis to fill that role. In fact these same intangible reasons were cited as a benefit to the Jalen Rose trade, in regards to Davis and Jerome Williams. And from what I've read, Davis is doing a fine enough work in that role (although vastly overpaid), and Harrington can take over Williams' spot. So in my book that leaves Mutumbo out of the picture, and hopefully traded for a shooter, as the Trib is reporting.

So here's the updated (prospective) 15-man roster:

PG: Hinrich/Williams/Pargo(IR)/Duhon(IR)
SG: Gordon
SF: Nocioni/Deng/E-Rob/Linton Johnson/Chris Jefferies(IR)/Pippen
PF: Chandler/Harrington
C:  Curry/Davis/Trebanski

I am just guessing who will be on the IR, but as you know its only 12 active players at a time. Now the glaring problem is the small backcourt, which gives credibility to the Mutumbo for Eric Piatkowski rumor I linked above. If its not him, look for the Bulls to go after a free agent like Calbert (don't call me Dick) Cheney or Wesley(please call me Chuck) Person. While so far the team has tried pushing the idea of having Williams playing the 2, I would be shocked to see the Bulls open camp with their only off-guard being 6'3".