Monday, August 02, 2004

Slow News, or My Laziness: You Decide.

Honest, there REALLY isn't much going on. But here's some things I've had on the back-burner, so enjoy:

  • Eddy Curry is 35 pounds overweight: Read that sentence again, because I cannot properly stress how important he is to this season. And after 2 summers of saying he's gonna work...ok I'm not gonna go into my weekly pleas to Eddy again. I'll just be cautiously pessimistic. Cautiously meaning I'm not gonna panic and give him away to the Grizzlies. Yeah I'm looking at you Chad Ford (sub reqd).
  • Found this tidbit on HoopsAnalyst, listing (in the spirit of Derek Fischer) some ludicrous contracts given out to championship role players. Check out these familiar names:

   -In 1994-95, the Sixers sign Scott Williams from Bulls. Williams spends the next six years a decent, but injured bench player.
   -In 1998-99, the Warriors Jason Caffey who was recently acquired from the Bulls. Caffey is decent for two years before being dealt to Milwaukee where he came off the     bench.

   -In 1998-99, the Suns give Bulls center Luc Longley a five-year deal. Longley only is able to play three of those years before shutting it down in 2001 with chronic ankle injuries. He topped out at 8.7 ppg and 5.7 rpg during that span.

   -In 1998-99, yet another Bull, Steve Kerr, earned a six-year contract based on the reflected glory of Michael Jordan. Kerr spend six years in San Antonio (with a one-year pit stop in Portland). Kerr was useful when called upon with the Spurs but his minutes (and production) were basically half of what they were in Chicago

I think even Jud Buechler got a contract riding M-Jeff's back. Oh and I think the Randy Brown deal was what I like to call a "Rick Pitino Joint".

  • Found this a few days ago in Insider, talking about the injury risk that NBA players are incurring by playing in international competition. I would prefer that you dipped into the Bulls Blog archives and read my thoughts on the matter here.

Hopefully something will happen in the next couple of days: either Crawford finally getting traded or Eddy Curry discovering the Ab Roller.