Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Our long national nightmare is (maybe) over.

Well I was about to write about the agonizing process that has been the Jamal Crawford trade talks, since reportedly a deal had been agreed to. But then I begin reading other sources and there are STILL discrepancies as to which players will be involved. So I'll wait till it actually happens. Over the past week I had warmed up to the idea of keeping Jamal in the fold, based on the fact that this team was terrible on offense last year, and, with all his faults,  Jamal can score. But with this latest wave of reports from both Chicago and the Big Apple, it can be assumed that Crawford will be a former Bull soon enough. Until then, check out Knickerblogger's post on what Jamal Crawford's options are.

Now on to Eddy Curry. Now I posted yesterday (scroll down) about how Eddy's offseason commitment to conditioning has been reportedly a load of garbage so far. But like I said then, I am not gonna panic just yet. And I read a quote by someone today who gave me a reason to keep that mindset: Old lunchbox himself:

"All I ask people to do is judge me not by what they hear and read, but judge me by what I do for the rest of the summer. Judge me by what shape I'm in when I report to camp. And then judge me by how I perform on the floor.''

That was Eddy Curry, btw. (I love the title on that article. Its the kind of headline that would make Scott proud. ) I know its easy to harp on the guy, and it is still very alarming that he hasn't shown the commitment or motivation you think would be evident after such a disastrous season. And its possible that this kind of attitude is simply proof that he will never 'get it' and become a star. BUT, I am gonna do what he says. I'm not going to freak out that he's still a fat tub of goo.

But on opening night when he's gasping for air after getting his baby hook blocked by Nenad season hopes (and probably my TV) will be thrown out the window.