Monday, August 09, 2004

Movin on the West side?

I love the monday night 'tidbits' column...

Anyway, that title refers to the new location of Bulls Blog, which is coming to you from the West Loop of Chicago. It'll be nice to stop masquerading as a suburbanite(or downstate college dude) and live as a true Chicagoan. I am also a little over a mile away from my personal Mecca.

This means more Bulls games for me, and subsequent ranting after Bulls losses for you.

Now on to the "link dance of love":

CelticsBlog: A great team blog, in the tradition of KnickerBlogger, RaptorBlog, and my favorite one of all. And more Bill Simmons citations than you can imagine.

The Brushback: Go to this site now, guaranteed laughter. Basically, The Onion for sports.

The Captain and Shaquille: Except for perhaps "Kenny Bloggins", this is the most clever blog name I've heard. It covers-you guessed it- the Miami Heat. Convenient timing :).

Give Me That Rock: He's got transaction analysis from both a practical and fantasy basketball point of view.

Its good to see the Basketball Blogosphere grow and grow. If you know of another blog that I would be interested in, email me. Mind you, this doesn't mean I'll link it, I try to keep it to the ones I actually read. Except for those ones at the bottom, which are for reference purposes.