Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Reinventing Eddy

Thanks to reader Dave for pointing out this interesting piece by the Southtown detailing the new, improved Eddy Curry. I know, I know.... Bulls fans have heard it before, but is this time different?

He recently fired his old agent from big-timers SFX, and now hired a newbie to the business. And this new guy's convinced Eddy to ditch the cornrows, quit buying new cars, pull up his shorts, and be 'a professional'. It all sounds good, but I want to see him be a pro on the court, I really don't give a damn what his hairstyle is. (Although I never liked it when he had them braided up lookin like pigtails) Rebound, Defend, be in shape....that's the important thing.

But then you also read in the article that after 2 weeks of training at the Berto Center (he had previously been working with famed trainer Tim Grover..supposedly), he decides to spend this week taking a cruise. So I wouldn't call him a changed man just yet.

There does seem to be a noticeable difference this summer though, of which I can't complain. But I'll defer to Coach Skiles here with his money-quote: "I don't want to be too congratulatory to somebody who is just doing their job."

Rumor Update:

Just to keep things up to speed, I should mention that in addition to the Al Harrington trade talks, the Bulls are also supposedly making overtures to the Wizard's Jarvis Hayes.

The Bulls initiated the talks, sources said, which in one scenario had the teams swapping first-round picks [the wiz have #5] and Hayes coming to Chicago in exchange for Chris Jefferies and salary-cap filler, likely Paul Shirley or Jannero Pargo.

Hayes was the Wiz' first-round pick last season, and while he had a nice rookie campaign, it was nothing spectacular. I still cannot believe that the Wizards would give him up to move up 2 spots in this draft. But, then again, they're the Wizards.