Friday, June 11, 2004

Draft Update

Its still between Deng and Iguodala, says draft guru Chad Ford in his chat:

They'd prefer to trade the pick for a veteran and a number of teams are interested in moving up. However, there are two good fits for Chicago at No. 3 -- Andre Iguodala and Luol Deng. Iguodala and Kirk Hinrich would make an awesome backcourt and allow them to sign-and-trade Jamal Crawford possibly along with Tyson Chander. Luol Deng would fill a gaping hole at the three. If the Bulls can get a player like Al Harrington for the pick, they'll consider it. Otherwise Iguodala or Deng will be nice additions to their club.

If you can get Al Harrington for the pick, you gotta do it. I'm an Al Harrington guy, he's the athletic, defensive-minded 3 that the Bulls are searching for. While I'm not sure whether his desire to become a starter is out of diligence or selfishness, at least it sounds like he cares.

Speaking of that, I'm starting to go back to the Luol Deng bandwagon, based on the fact that I know that he's a hard worker. Iguodala may be that way as well, but I'm not certain like I am with Deng. Usually I go with talent over 'intangibles', but it seems that the difference in talent between these 2 is a narrow one. Also the fact that Iguodala is a 2, will complicate things. Trading Jamal Crawford isn't that easy of a task.

For all the Draft coverage you can shake a stick at, check out, they have a ton of info on the Chicago pre-draft camp. That camp is mostly for second round picks, but the Bulls have the 2nd and 9th picks (thanks Toronto) in that round, so there's still reason to read up. In a deep draft like this one, I'm guessing you can find a role player or two that could replace the likes of Linton Johnson or Paul Shirley.

And doesn't this picture get you excited?

Nothing can get by THAT brain trust.

Expansion Draft:

The Charlotte Bobcats (that name sounds like a girls softball team) have their expansion draft 2 days before the big draft, and the Bulls protected list is due today. They were allowed to protect 8 players, and by rule you cannot protect unrestricted free agents. I haven't gotten a confirmation yet, but I think I heard the following on the radio this morning:

  1. Curry
  2. Chandler
  3. Crawford
  4. Hinrich
  5. Jefferies
  6. Pargo
  7. Johnson
  8. Shirley

That means the names left off are Pippen, E-Rob, JYD, and Davis. The only one who isn't safe on that list is E-Rob, and that is because the Bulls will be begging Charlotte to take him. The most the Bulls can entice them with  is $3 million and draft picks. I would also worry about Pippen, because his contract would be valuable in a trade, since he is expected to retire. And that's also the reasoning behind why those bottom 4 guys were protected, to balance out trades and such.