Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Great players make great plays....

Especially when the defense guards them like THAT.

So close to having the Pistons up 2-0, and now the Lakers have nearly all of their swagger back for 3 games in Detroit. And they should, they pulled out a game that they easily could've lost.

On the final shot, that possession ended in the worst way possible. Kobe Bryant able to square up for a 3-pointer. While a few feet behind the arc, he still had minimal obstruction in his sight or motion. Why...oh dear why....was there no foul on that play?

First off they could've fouled Shaq when he had the ball early in the Laker possession. But assuming Larry Brown figures time is his friend, fine let the ball go to Kobe's hands. But FOUL HIM!

While he's dancing behind the 3 point line, Hamilton should've just swiped at the ball as hard as he could. You either get a steal or a foul. Either scenario is better than what turned out to be. And I don't necessarily mean the shot going in. The fact that he had such a great look was a failure in strategy.

And then the Pistons can't get a shot off in the remaining 2 seconds. Hell....Derek Fisher only needed .4

But that's why they've won 3 titles. And why my Laker-Hate continues to grow.