Wednesday, June 09, 2004

More on last night

Eric McClain rightfully takes the refs to task over the Laker possession that cut the game to 3:

the refs called a phantom foul on Rasheed Wallace as Shaquille O'Neal scored on an easy layup. After Shaq made his foul shot, the Lakers were within three, and simply needed one defensive stop to set up Bryant's game-tying shot.

He's right about that play, there was no foul as Wallace had his arms and body straight up and Shaq jumped into him. Should've been a definite no-call. But Eric loses me here with the conspiracy theory:

After that foul, I seriously wanted to turn the game off, as I knew there wasn't anyway the Lakers were going to lose. Looks like I should have grabbed the extra sleep.

I've never believed in the famous all-reaching NBA conspiracy, and I believe that call last night on Rasheed was simply a bad one, not loaded with hidden motive for the refs. There was a 5 minute stretch in the 4th quarter where Shaq had to sit out with 5 fouls. In such a grand conspiracy,  how could the refs let THAT happen?