Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Out with the Old...

I'm a little late with my Pistons thoughts. So I'll bring in some of my favorite quotes from around the "basketball blogosphere":


You won't be the lovable underdogs, but the favorites. We won't turn a blind eye to all the physical contact that goes uncalled against our team. What was seen as confidence will now be perceived as cockiness. By the time you reach the playoffs, everyone will be aiming for you.

Scott at RaptorBlog:

Darko vs. Melo debate is now officially irrelevant. Joe D saw that second overall pick for what it was — a free play. You know, like in football when there's a flag on the defence during a play and the quarterback throws a Hail Mary because he knows that even if it gets intercepted, they're getting 10 yards? Darko is that Hail Mary. Carmelo wasn't the final piece in Detroit's championship puzzle. Rasheed Wallace was.

The HoopsJunkie:

Detroit dominated the vaunted Lakers, a suppossed Team For The Ages that turned out to be little more than an aged team

And for a first-hand view, vicariously enjoy the moment through Dan at DetroitSports.

For me,  this whole series boiled down to my Laker-Hate, and not much more. I had been lamenting the possibility of the deconstruction of this dynasty since the Derek Fisher shot, so it will be nice to finally see. The win by the Pistons also shows execs around the league that you don't necessarily need a superstar (or 2) to win a championship in this league. But... I would still say its the best route to go if you want one.

Now for my favorite quote so far about the finals, which came through my radio this morning, from Terry Boers (I'm paraphrasing here):

For Bulls fans, what you saw last night was the dynasty Bulls if they had stayed together, if they were wearing Laker uniforms.

Think about it...I'll be back with draft speculation soon...