Monday, December 01, 2003

Will the New Bulls Play Tonight? Tonight's game against the Bucks should be an exciting one to watch. Well exciting if Davis and Williams are able to play. Apparently that's not a certainty:
It's not certain if the players acquired in Saturday's trade will be available to face the Milwaukee Bucks. Antonio Davis arrived in town early Sunday and stayed with his in-laws at their Naperville home, while Jerome Williams arrived late Sunday afternoon and stayed at a hotel. Those two, as well as Chris Jefferies, can't take a physical until the trade is approved when NBA offices open this morning. ''They very easily could be in uniform if they pass their physicals,'' Paxson said. ''The problem is they won't have had a practice.'' None of the players will be able to go through the morning shootaround, but if they're ready, Skiles said they'll play. ''I don't think I would have any fear of putting either [Davis or Williams] in the game, if it's called for,'' Skiles said. ''They're veteran players. Hopefully, I would be able to do it during a timeout, diagram one simple play and run that confidently and rely on their defensive hustle. I wouldn't worry about that.''
It looks like Tyson Chandler may be shut down for a while, another positive from this trade(well if his back heals). He's not scheduled to play tonight, which now could mean "At Forward, 6'10", from Cincinnati....Corie...Blount!!!" . The rest of the projected lineup has Crawford, E-Rob, Gill, and Curry. A new coach may be Robinson's chance to finally show something on the court besides his fancy jewelry. We've all been waiting for about 2 and half years. I'll leave ya with this anecdote from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:
In his first meeting with the team, new coach Scott Skiles walked into the room and drew two columns on a board. In one column, he listed adjectives relating to the players: lazy, immature. In the other, he listed adjectives relating to himself: angry, disciplinarian. He then wiped the slate clean. "I told them I am judging you guys from this day forward," Skiles said.
cute huh? Enjoy the game tonight, and if you havent check out my needlessly long trade analysis below.