Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I LOOOVVVEE Honeymoon Games Actually, coach Skiles explicitly said that last night's game wasn't a honeymoon game, but obviously we'll have to see the next few games to be sure. Just remember that the Bulls won their first 2 games after Cartwright became coach, and first game after Jalen Rose got traded to Chicago. All that aside, It was a very fun game to see, new coach, new frontcourt, new defense, new energy....and new is always fun. Especially when the team wins a game it's supposed to. Playing the Milwaukee Bucks without Tim Thomas at home should be a win, so it's good that the Bulls didn't squander this one. And the best part was I actually got to see the game for once. Nearly all the Bulls players put in a solid performance (except Corie Blount), but beyond the game leaders I liked the effort put forth by Kirk Hinrich and Eddie Robinson. E-Rob looked really good last night, and he claims it's because of the new coaching staff ditching the triangle, which he says made him stand around too much. I don't exactly buy that excuse (the triangle was rarely run this year anyway), but if that's what was needed to get him going, well that's fine by me. And the new guys? I fully expect Bulls play-by-play man Tom Dore to run out to Springfield, Mass. to construct the Jerome Williams wing at the Basketball Hall of Fame. I swear he couldn't get enough of that guy. And neither could Norm Van Lier in what I like to call "The Jive-iest Damn Pregame Show Period" (TM). But the "JYD" sure played as advertised last night, getting a double-double and really energizing the team with his defense. Antonio Davis played pretty good too, but I have tempered enthusiasm with him knowing that some days those 17-foot shots aren't usually going to fall. And the other newcomer Chris Jefferies looked pretty(if not a little stoned) in his warmups. In the bad (yet expected) news department, Tyson Chandler was placed on the injured list yesterday to rest his back. Linton Johnson was activated, and played pretty much like the undrafted free agent he was last night. Tyson actually hasn't played since 11/25, so after 5 games on the IR that will mean he has a minimum of 18 days to rest. Hopefully that will be enough, but thankfully after this trade if Tyson needs more time the Bulls won't suffer as much in his absence. The next game is the one time the Bulls are on national TV, thursday night on TNT against the Sixers. Usually when the Bulls are on TNT, they lay an absolute suck-bomb on the court and Barkley just rips on them. Hopefully this will be different. I hope that the networks are happy that they have all these Orlando Magic games lined up to compensate for the lack of Bulls love. One final thing, a welcome back for The Bulls Reporter from his hiatus. One day perhaps I'll let more important things take me away from this site.....but probably not.