Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Nothin Doin' not much today. (check the updates below if you haven't) -There's a very good article in the Sun Times about 2003 second round pick Mario Austin and his exploits in Russia. There are stolen passports and collapsed lungs and weird hospitals involved. Interesting stuff. -Nice to see the former Bulls perform well in their Toronto debut. They beat the Sixers on the road, with Donyell Marshall scoring 27 points and Jalen Rose chipping in with just 6 points but had 8 assists. I'm starting to think that this team may work out for Rose because despite his own misconceptions in skills here, he has to know what he's not the best player on the Raptors. That will *force* him not to take as many shots.....right? -There are actual trade rumors around that the Bulls are interested in re-aquiring Rick Brunson from Toronto. Probably dealing Roger Mason to do so, Pax feels they need a more experienced point guard on the bench. And especially experienced at towel waving and butt slapping. UPDATE(9:23pm): Tip of the cap to my Dad (My favorite reader, and not just because he gives me money for booze) for mentioning that Rick Brunson is actually expected to be waived shortly by the Raps. (its at the more analysis here) Perhaps a little under-the-table agreement as part of last week's trade? UPDATE2(12/4 2:16am): Alrighty theres more. According to today's (tommorow's) Trib, Brunson(who's not traveling with the team) will in fact be traded on December 15th to the Bulls for Roger Mason. I guess they have to wait to the 15th since Brunson just singed with the Raptors this year. Its odd how its mentioned in the article: no header to it, or even a bullet point. Just part of the article about Scott Skiles. I mean Brunson may actually get some minutes with this team.