Thursday, December 04, 2003

Well, I care what Chad Ford thinks. Here's the juicy part of today's chat:
"Kevin (Chicago, IL): How well do you see the Bulls doing the rest of the year? When do you think that Scott Skiles can have these guys in the playoffs? My new favorite player is the 'Junk Yard Dog'!!! Chad Ford: I think Skiles will help with the toughness. So will Antonio Davis and Jerome Williams. Those guys are both past their prime, but they do hustle and work hard . . . something the Baby Bulls have never done well. I think scrapping the triangle will be a big help to guys like Jamal Crawford. I expect Crawford to put up big numbers now that he's moving to the two and will be freed up to take some shots. I still believe the Bulls will be in the playoffs by the end of the season. Robbie (Thornhill, Ontario): What do you think about the Raptors deal to acquire Jalen Rose, Donyell Marshall and Lonny Baxter. Based on the Raps' performance the past two games and with so many offensive threats, the Raptors have seemingly vaulted themselves towards the top of the Eastern Conference. How good do you think they truly are and do you think GM Glen Grunwald's wheeling-and-dealing is done? Thanks. Chad Ford: I'm not sold yet. Donyell Marshall is playing out of his mind and that's the big reason they've won those two games. They still need a center. I love Chris Bosh, but he isn't a center and will eventually get exposed in the middle. If they can move Morris Peterson for someone like Michael Doleac, I think they'll at least contend for a playoff spot. But if the teams stays as is, I see them hanging around in the lottery another year. "
I put that Toronto question in there in case anybody was flipping out over the fact that the former Bulls are tearing it up for them in their past 2 wins. I wish them well and all, but they will be one of the teams competing with the Bulls for those coveted Eastern Conference playoff spots, so it's good to know that they have faults as well. Then again, who doesn't.