Thursday, July 01, 2004

Target Practice

Here's the Bulls prospective free-agent targets according to the local papers. You can read mine from yesterday, if you'd be so kind as to scroll downwards.

Tribune: Stephen Jackson, Bruce Bowen, Brian Cardinal, Bob Sura, Toni!, Anthony Peeler, Adonal Foyle, Brian Skinner.

Sun-Times: Foyle, Cardinal, Toni!, Skinner, Mikki Moore, Wesley Person, Jackson, Eric Williams, Scott Williams

Herald: Jackson, Arvydas Macijauskas, Eric Williams, Anthony Parker , Jason Collier, Joel Przybilla, Zendon Hamilton, Steven Hunter, David Andersen , Fabricio Oberto

Its good to see some Euros on the list. The Bulls were only one of two teams (Wizards) last year not to have a foreign player on it.

But hopefully Paxson doesn't get too excited at all the former Bulls out there, and brings back Pippen, Corie Blount, Scott Williams, Toni, Ron Harper, and Rusty LaRue. I wonder what Rodney McCray is up to these days? Or this guy?