Friday, July 02, 2004

The Big Time

The start of this year's free-agency period is as exciting as everyone said it might be. First you have Steve Nash bolting for Phoenix, for a HUGE contract. What's the over-under on how many years before Suns fans refer to the 'Nash-contract' as a cap-killer. And 5 years to a 30 year old pg....they better hope Nash is durable.

And then there is Coach K receiving an offer from the Lakers to take their head coaching position. You can check out predictable reaction from Dick Vitale, but I would recommend heading over to the College B-Ball blog instead. As for my take, I have been saying to anyone who would listen that Coach K can't coach, he just lets his All-Americans run around the court and the talent wins out. I don't know that for sure though, so I would like to see him come to LA and try and handle Kobe, GP, and TJ Simers. And look at it this way: If Coach K falls flat on his face, the Lakers will suck, Duke will suck, and what's better than that?

Also in the 'big time' category, my article got selected by the Chicago Tribune's  "view from a Bulls fan". I guess it was too much for them to include my URL, but oh well. Unlike my blog posts, I tried to make that submission correct and coherent, so check it out.