Wednesday, June 30, 2004


A name that has been rumored off and on for the Bulls is European free agent Arvydas Macijauskas. I found his official Euroleague stats page, but its like reading the Rosetta Stone. Do they really only play 20 games in a season? Well I'll use what they give me for this past year's stats:

  MPG fg% 3p% ft% ppg apg rpg TO
2003-04 30.55 49.2% 39.6% 91.0% 19.45 2.1 2.5 2.25

So the guy can score, which is nice. A reputable 3 point shooter, his percentages were actually lower than in past years.

YR 3p%
2003-04 39.60%
2002-03 53.20%
2001-02 48.10%
2000-01 54.30%
1999-00 52.20%


From what I've read he is a good shooter, but will have trouble creating his own shot in the NBA due to his lack of quickness. But as long as he can hit open shots, he'll be a welcome addition to the team. Last year their best 3 point shooter was Crawford, and most of his attempts were after he dribbled through his legs 7 times. It'll be nice for Eddy Curry to have someone to pass to when he's being double-teamed. Now whether that pass gets to Macijuauskas or the third row is another story.