Wednesday, July 14, 2004

EuroTrip, the sequel

It appears that the Crawford-to-Knicks talks have stalled. Basically it has boiled down to the fact that Paxson isn't gonna take Isaiah's garbage.

Both sides expressed optimism over the weekend that a deal would be reached. But sources said the Knicks refuse to part with Dikembe Mutombo, and the Bulls refuse to take on the $12.6 remaining on Moochie Norris' contract.

Who gave Moochie Norris that contract anyway? Jordan? Ainge? Pitino? (er...Krause?).

I don't see Paxson budging here, he holds the rights to Crawford, and therefore "has hand". Even if Jamal doesn't want to sign a long-term deal, he will be sticking around for around $3.5m, and can test his wares as an unrestricted free agent next year. So far no other team has given him an offer, so its looking more and more likely that Crawford will be a Bull next season.

And that's fine with me. When it comes to trading him or Chandler I'm pleased that Pax won't trade them simply because he can. Either you get a veteran player who can help, or in the case of the Knicks deal, salary cap relief.

The offseason movements don't stop there though, as Paxson has turned his eye to another Euro, this time 24-year-old Argentinean (well, he played in Europe) Andres Nocioni. Here's what the good Paxson brother has to say:

"He's a small forward who plays a physical game. He has been a professional [in Europe] for years. He's from the same national team as [Spurs guard] Manu Ginobili. This is a competitive guy who would fit us perfectly."

He goes on to compare him to Jazz forward Matt Harpring. Why do the Euros always have to be compared to another white guy? Regardless, its good to see the Bulls finally look into some European talent like Nocioni and Macijauskas.