Monday, July 12, 2004

Making my links is a higher honor than winning an ESPY.

Then again, so is finding a tunafish sandwich in the fridge. First, the fallen comrades:

  • Draft Prep section: See you next year, old friends. Never has so much draft preparation yielded so few results for my prognostications. I was way off, as I'm sure a lot you you were.
  • BasketballRules: MIA since late May.
  • ChrisHiller: I like his stuff, but updates once every 2 months.

The New Links:

  • These Days : Notice that I haven't been giving much analysis to every free agent signing out there, and lucky for me (and you) there's really no need after you visit this site. The term "Blogging up a storm" truly applies. HIGHLY recommended reading, every day. For reference, I recommend you read MY site every hour :)
  • Chris' Sports Blog: Another general-sports blog that gives you loads of content on a near-daily basis.

  • Sixers' Shots : One of them fancy funded blogs, this one obviously about the Sixers. Great humor peppered in there.

  • Hoops Analyst: Not pretty, but plenty of content.

  • Sports Guy's World: Bill Simmons got his own page on Wannabe funnymen-sportswriters like me benefit.

Just a reminder, if you want me to read your blog, just email me. Lord knows I have nothing to do.