Thursday, April 15, 2004

Bulls Blog Awards, part 2:


now THAT's a catchy title. Check out yesterday's post for the other awards. All winners receive a diamond studded gold bracelet that spells out "E-Rob"

Rookie of the Year: Lebron James. I think (and hope) this vote isn't even close. If you are a Carmelo guy, first remove your head from Mike Wilbon's ample behind, and second: wise up to how amazing Lebron's year has been. While Carmelo is a great scorer and fits well into Denver's fast-paced style, Lebron not only proved all of his doubters wrong, he made his teammates around him better. So much better that management has begun the process of moving talented, yet selfish guys like Darius Miles and Ricky Davis for veterans who will serve mainly to facilitate the game of James. Long live King James' reign.

And let me get this off my chest: James and Anthony are only peers in circumstance, not in talent or impact. If they weren't in the same draft class I don't think anyone would be considering the two as equals. The whole thing baffles me. Like the sportswriting community's attitude towards Okafor, the all-out love of Carmelo is a byproduct of hoping he will show the youngins the importance of a freshman year at college. (And I suppose it is important, that's where I first learned  how to use cost/benefit analysis with beer: another 'stone anyone?)

MVP: Keeping with my negative tone, The Hoops Junkie gave out his MVP vote Carmelo Anthony. That's just silly in my opinion. We all can agree that Anthony is having a great rookie year and looks to be a factor in this league for some time now. But he's not near the caliber of Duncan, Garnett, Kobe, Shaq...just not even close. I wouldn't even put him up there with T-Mac or Nowitzki. Oh and I know that Anthony's team is better than someone like McGrady's, but that argument doesn't fly with me concerning A-Rod votes, so I'm not gonna follow it in basketball either.

So I'm going with the popular choice this year, Kevin Garnett. It can be said that Tim Duncan should win every year, he's that great a player. But KG isn't far behind. It doesn't seem to make sense that a guy would win the MVP *after* finally receiving help, but since Duncan's gotten 2 already, its the big ticket's time. Another notch in KG's favor is that he can go out and guard wing players like no other, something Duncan cannot. But...KG can't guard Shaq like Duncan can. Like I said, its hard to decide between the two, but its time for Garnett to get his due.