Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Awards Time

Its the trendy thing to do now, so I'm handing out some end-of-season awards. For now I'll stick with NBA-wide awards, but maybe I'll move on the Bulls-centric awards too, such as "most likely to make me want to stab myself in the eye", and the ever-popular "most likely to make me want to stab myself in the OTHER eye".

I'm no trendsetter obviously, since Tim Kraus at The End of the Bench has already given out his awards. Check that link out also for awards from around the web....from, you know, 'real' pundits. On to the awards...

Most Improved: Jason Williams, Memphis.  This probably a belated award, as he received heavy consideration last year, but he has continued his progression from headcase to dependable point guard on the league's most improved team. A testament to whatever old man Hubie Brown says to these kies.

(honorable mention: James Posey, Mem; Zach Randolph, Por; Rafer Alston, Mia)

Comeback Player: Do they still do this award? I forgot the criteria anyway...I think its coming back from serious injury or serious drug overdose. In either case I'm giving the award to Lamar Odom. He's quietly having a great year, showing he can be the multi-dimensional threat everyone thought he would be coming out of school.

6th man: I consider this to be like valedictorian of summer school. If you're such a good 6th man, you should be starting...especially if you're on a bad team. But if you're on a good and deep team like the Dallas Mavericks, you have little choice but to come off the bench. Therefore I'm giving this to Antawn Jamison. He's by far my favorite Antawn on that team.

Defensive player: I really think this award undeservedly goes to big time shotblockers and rebounders far more often than wing defenders. With that in mind, I'll take everyone's favorite crazy former-Bull, Ron Artest.

(honorable mention: Bruce Bowen, Kevin Garnett)

Coach of the Year: Jerry Sloan. Come on, the Jazz were supposed to be one of the worst teams in NBA history this year. It just shows how some mildly-talented guys who know how to play the game can sneak up on better teams in this league.

I'll save the biggies (MVP and Rookie of the Year) for tomorrow...cause I'd like to expand on those. Plus, I think my posts have been getting too long and it has had an inverse relation with the frequency. So I'll try to be hitting fast and furious in the coming weeks.