Sunday, November 16, 2003

Thank you Barnum, Bailey, and the Brothers Ringling ::cue circus music:: It's time for the "Annual Circus Road Trip of Death"(TM), a make or break time for every Bulls season the past 5 years. And every year they've broke. Nah I suppose its too early to start saying 'make or break'. Well, unless you're My Man Sam.(TM) First let's go for a recap of what's been going on the past few days. For someone providing the world with in-depth Bulls analysis I sure don't catch a lot of games. In fact I've probably seen more Warriors games over the past week than Bulls games. First there was a heartbreaking loss on thursday night to the Timberwolves that was on Media Powerhouse (TM) WCIU. (Yes, I'm trademarking all of my inane sayings). And Jamal Crawford landed oops upside his head, but he's alright folks. The team hasn't announced a return date, but here's hoping if they're planning on keeping him out for several games they just put him on the IR. I would rather have Roger Mason taking some of the PG minutes than forcing Pippen to play as much as he's been playing lately. I genuinely worry about the minutes he and Marshall have been forced to play this early in the season due to injuries. Then there was Saturday night's game against the Sonics, and I missed that because...well because I was out. But I guess some guy was at the game. So in what I thought was a very favorable early-season schedule, the Bulls are 4-7 heading into this West Coast swing. Why is it called the "Annual Circus Trip of Death"(TM)? , well lets look at the past 4 years: (thanks to for allowing me to re-live the horror)
1999: 0-7 2000: 0-7 2001: 0-7 2002: 0-6
That's what I call a not-so good success rate. And this year's trip? At Phoenix(11/18), the Lakers(11/21), Sacramento(11/23), Dallas(11/25), and San Antonio(11/26). prognosis negative. But, there's always the opportunity that a western powerhouse could have a letdown game against the Bulls. I looked through the 6 teams' schedules to see if any of their respective games against the Bulls were on the wrong end of a back-to-back, but unfortunately there aren't any. Theres reason for pessimism, but I still believe that if the Bulls play good ball they can win a few games. But they also need to be healthy, meaning starters minutes for Chandler and Crawford. So all I can do now is cross my fingers and watch the games unfold as streaming text on my computer screen, because it seems like Media Powerhouse (TM) WCIU has bought the rights to 70% of Bulls games this year. :)