Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I'm Sorry, the Doc is no Longer In Doc Rivers got fired today as coach of the Magic. (see Orlando Magic Fan for the best perspective) The Magic are 1-10, 0-6 at home, injured, undermanned, bad bad bad. So this is actually a blessing for Rivers, the one time coach of the year will have little trouble finding another job. Because...well I don't know why, he hasn't exactly WON anything. But Chad Ford has the Bulls as a possible destination:
The Bulls offer Rivers his best shot of winning. The team is loaded with talent, has plenty of assets and is underachieving at the moment. Rivers always has yearned to have more than just one superstar on his roster. In Chicago he'd have three potential ones. To make things even more interesting, remember that Rivers is an Illinois native. He played high school ball at Proviso East High in Maywood. Don't count out the glory factor, either. Whoever gets the Bulls to the playoffs after the five-season drought will be a hero in Chicago. The Bulls have the raw pieces, they just need someone to put them together. Coach Bill Cartwright has done an admirable job, but he's had an uneasy relationship with several of his younger players. New GM John Paxson probably doesn't want to fire Cartwright, but the opportunity to get a name coach like Rivers might be too good to pass up. Paxson has made it clear the Bulls need to make the playoffs this year. You've got to believe Rivers gives them a great shot.
I don't think there's any question that Rivers would love the Bulls job, especially if his other choices include the Knicks and Hawks. But isn't Rivers the same kind of coach as Cartwright? not much of a tactician, more of a motivator and a former player who can 'relate' to the kids (you know, them kids with their rap music..the hippin' and the hoppin' and the bippin' and the boppin'). I don't know, just doesn't seem like its worth replacing mid-season unless you're bringing in a superstar coach. Like Fred Carter (i'm kidding. but it appears he's been excommunicated from ESPN). Read your local papers (links on the left) for all the gloom and doom you could ever want regarding this upcoming road trip. I won't be able to see the game tonight, thanks to Media Powerhouse(TM) WCIU.