Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The Race to 80 points....or Bulls vs Magic Its hard to say that there are any 'big games' in early November, but tonight's Bulls/Magic tilt just may be one. The Bulls have to show some life tonight, against a team that is struggling in its own right. In fact, the top 2 coaches on the hot seat so far are Cartwright and Doc Rivers. oh, and probably Isiah Thomas too, even though he's not coaching anyone..I think that's just out of habit. The Bulls may start E-Rob today to guard McGrady. Obviously Pippen would've gotten the job, but you'll be seeing him on the sidelines waist-down in a tub of ben-gay. E-Rob has the potential to be a good defender, with his athleticism and wingspan, but as with other aspects of his game, has yet to show the enthusiasm to improve. I still think this is a better option than last year's, which was Trent Hassell. Guys like McGrady and Pierce would torch him up and down the court, at least E-Rob will give them something for McGrady (I refuse to call him T-Mac) to think about when he's on the defensive end. new links Theres a few I put up yesterday on the left, including Orlando Magic Fan if you want to read up on tonight's opponent. The Basketball Blogosphere is getting bigger by the week.