Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Hey Now, It's only been __ Games "Oh no, they suck again!" - Major League 2 What else is there to say. Blowout losses to the Wiz, the Buck, and the Rocket. And needing a good 4th quarter to avoid a loss to the Hawk. So what's goin wrong? Well theres that old interior defense problem, but we all knew that would show. What is suprising is averaging 77 points a game, which is just not Bulls-like. Scoring shouldn't be a problem. Going into the season the bulk of the scoring load was supposed to be directed through Curry and Crawford. Needless to say the poor play of these 2 is the main culprit to the slow start to the year. Crawford still looks lost at times running the point, and while he's shooting from beyond the arc very well (52.9%), is only averaging 4.3 apg and is leading the team in FG attempts, which isn't what the team's really looking for out of him. Curry has just been awful so far. He STILL can't get position to rebound on defense. Offensively, whether it is from aggressive double teams by the Wizards or goin up against shotblockers like Yao Ming and Kelvin Cato he seems to lose confidence early. Last night against the Rockets Curry was 0-8 with 1 point. But even with the young players struggling (i'll get to Tyson in a minute), here's a look at some notable (or notea-bull...hahaha) shooting percentages:
Rose: 36.4% Gill: 23.1% Pippen: 29.2% Marshall: 29.6%
So the Veterans are not helpin much at all. One bright spot so far has obviously been Tyson Chandler. I don't like to say certain guys don't play with fire, because honestly I know that the whole team is trying to win. But Tyson seems to just have more energy. He's averaging 17 rebounds per game, and most of those are simply done by jumping over people to get them. Last night it seemed that he was getting to the foul line any time he touched the ball, which I almost think can be attributed to his awkward offensive game as much as anything. But its nice to see that he's at least continuing on track from last year, unlike Curry and Crawford. But to be honest I'm not all that worried yet. As much as it's nice to say that fast starts mean everything, i'm not certain that they do. The veterans on this team aren't gonna be shooting this poorly forever, and Curry can't be this bad all year. While games like the first 3 should have been easy wins, its still very very early. And no I'm not gonna start with Cartwright yet, because coaching isn't gonna make up for 27% shooting (last night), and I don't believe (like some) that they're not motivated enough. They just need more time together and more importantly Curry and Crawford need to play like they can. old man river Pippen's knee swelled up yesterday, and will cause him to miss at least a week. So if you had 11/3 in the office pool, you win 2 big bags of ice. upcoming schedule @Orlando, Philly, @New Orleans, Denver, @Boston, Minn, Seattle..before the "Annual Circus Trip of Death". I'd like to say those are all winnables, but I'm just gonna bite my tongue for now.