Sunday, June 12, 2005

Thoughts, interrupted watching Darko actually play

  •  My Man Sam(tm) wasn't making much sense this weekend:
    Forget whoever wins this NBA Finals series being the world champion.

    The world continues to catch up with the NBA, as was evident when Game 1 ended Thursday night with the San Antonio Spurs beating the Detroit Pistons 84-69 and Argentinian Manu Ginobili the best and most exciting player on the floor.

    Wouldn't the ongoing internationalization of the NBA make the league champ more valid as world champion? I'd chalk it up to a mistake but he goes with a similar statement at the end of the column.

    Whatever, just found it odd, and the whole Olympic thing was on my mind after I commented on Crazy from the Heat regarding the same subject. In case you care what I think, original thoughts were posted in a much-longer rant back in February of 2004. (this reminds me, 2-year blog-iversary is approaching fast!)

  • Want Finals blogging? I am watching the series but don't really have much to say. Basically, in my mind the Spurs have been the best team in basketball the past 3 seasons, and if one Derek Fisher 3-pointer goes down this could be a 3-peat for the Spurs. They're just in a different class right now. For Spurs blogging, go to Spurs Blog and Spur of the Moment. For the now-reeling defending champs, check out Motoring Pistons. Corey Petryschuk now writes there, ditching his site at blogspot, another good 'get' for MVN. And I just added his old link to the site, damnit...
  • As far as the talk of this Finals being ABC's nightmare with the low-scoring games, I could care less if 'Joe NASCAR' wants to come back to the NBA for the first time since Jordan or not. These are the two best teams from each conference, and that's what the Finals are about, not ratings. I am no scientician, but I would assume that a particular year's Neilsen Rating has little effect on the overall health of the league (not saying that prolonged poor ratings isn't going to hurt). Now on the topic of whether these finals are actually boring, I ranted a bit on that as well over at Rising Suns. Also be sure to check out this column by J.A. Adande (via Off-Wing Opinion), which I think outstandingly addresses the 'problem'.
  • Darko didn't do anything of interest, maybe because he himself acted disinterested. In his defense though it was garbage time, I wouldn't be interested much either. Or maybe I'm just a Darko apologist.
  • I have just set a record for linking myself writing at other sites. I don't know if that counts as a real post, but why should my thoughts be restricted to readers of a different site :-)
  • Carnival of the NBA #11 will be hosted at The End of the Bench. So again, if you have read or written anything that you feel the rest of the basketball blogosphere should pay attention to, send all posts to Joey.