Thursday, June 09, 2005

That new logo smell

Check it's so...graphical.

BIG BIG thanks to JChance for doing the logo you see at the top of the page now. I honestly went way too long with just the text on top. I like this much better. While I was too lazy (and too...not proficient in photoshop) to create another logo, that didn't stop me from making countless suggestions and requests during the time he worked on this for me. While some may notice the lack of Bulls players and logos this, that is entirely by design. Who knows when Jerry Reinsdorf is gonna wander down the street and yell at me like I'm a coach's agent or something.

There are also some new links on the left. I didn't take the time to arrange them in any sort of order, so the new ones are scattered around (some replacing the dead links that were there). No real new sites, they are ones that I've mentioned in an NBA Carnival or elsewhere that I've been meaning to put up in a while. Check em out, bookmark em.

The one newbie I'll name is True Hoop, which is written by Henry Abbott, an actual sportswriter. His great writing puts me (and a lot of others) to shame, but despite that I'll link him anyway. Today I found this link though his site, which is basically what a Bill Simmons' game 7 diary would be if he wasn't employed by ESPN (i.e. way funnier).