Monday, June 27, 2005

No horse in this race

Tuesday night is Draft night, and I would put up a mock draft but I think it'd be an exercise in futility. This looks to be a first round with plenty of trades and surprises, and for that alone it should be a fun year.

And while the Bulls don't have a first round pick, I won't be losing sleep knowing that John Paxson got Luol Deng as a result of it. Imagine how high Luol Deng would've gone in this year's class.

But it is looking like what this class lacks in superstar potential it makes up for in depth. This is where having at least a 2nd round pick could've made the night interesting for the Bulls, as an undervalued talent may have slipped to the 51st overall selection. But hey, such is the price when you receive 48 games of Bryce Drew.

Despite the disappointment of not having any pick to anticipate, I'll still be watching the draft and trying to stop my eyes from oozing blood after every Dick Vitale anecdote. I hope ESPN got my email (and read their colleague John Hollinger's book) that pointed out what an embarrassment he was to their draft coverage. If he wants to impart half-witted wisdom on Andrew Bogut or Marvin Williams, that's fine. But I hope to avoid hearing another self-serving rant professing the evils of high school and foreign draftees.

I'll probably be stopping by Forum Blue and Gold, where Kurt is hosting a virtual draft party. And I'll try and provide some running commentary myself.

It's one of the NBA's holidays, so enjoy!