Thursday, June 30, 2005

I would title it 'filling holes', but I'm too immature

Well needless to say the Bulls won't be the only one thinking about Finley, and will have to fend off actual contenders like Phoenix.

goGPonus doesn't like the prospect of Finley coming to the Bulls. Neither do I. But he'll still be another free agent in the pool, and if he gets signed by another team a player of similar skillset could fall to Chicago.

And as far as that other hole on the team, as commenter PDaddy relayed through the Trib, the Bulls were looking to buy a 2nd round pick for scoring PF (Maxiell or Bass), essentially a younger version of Othella Harrington. Not saying Othella is automatically gone, but low-post scoring is another hole on the team.

Even if Eddy isn't traded.

 I'll bite on that Herald article since I'm sure its on peoples' minds. To me all it's saying is that the Bulls would trade Curry if the deal was right. Well....yeah. Nobody is untouchable, if a deal works go for it. sheesh.

My half-handed untouchability index (1 being completely untouchable, 10 being 'he gone'):

1 - Tim Duncan
3 - Luol Deng, Tyson Chandler
4 - Ben Gordon (only because I think he'd be overvalued around the league), Curry, Kirk Hinrich
8 - Othella
12 - Chris Duhon