Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The bidding season

Over at The Cavalier Act, Amar is forming his free-agent wish list. The Cavs have plenty of cap room this summer (especially if they renounce rights to Zydrunas Ilgauskas), and after finding Lebron his sidekick, Amar's next ideal target for bidding would be Tyson Chandler:

At 7′1″ and a lanky 235 pounds, Chandler may be a defensive monster in waiting. He has shown more than just flashes of defensive mastery this year, and at the tender age of 22, he has plenty of room to improve on his young career. But with no first round draft picks to offer and no one on the roster outside of James worthy of a serious look, the Cavaliers would be out of luck if the Bulls match any offer. A sign and trade would be out of the works. The only players on the Cavs that would draw interest would be Luke Jackson and Anderson Varejao, and if Chandler is signed to a big offer sheet, those salaries might be hard to match in a trade. It would be brilliance on the part of the new general manager if he gets Chandler to Cleveland, and it may be very possible if Chicago is reluctant to keep both Curry and Chandler.

I responded in the comments section relaying what John Paxson has said all year: that they plan to match all offers for Chandler and Curry. Again, with Curry's health problems its hard to prioritize right now, but even with Eddy at full strength I believe Tyson is of more value to the Bulls. As John Hollinger wrote in this seasons' forecast: This is the kind of player Chicago should be trying to keep, not trade.

Between the Bulls teen towers along with Stromile Swift and Samuel Dalembert, young bigs should have their paydays coming this summer. I think Chandler's role as 7th man, neither a starter nor even a bench player with the accolade of 6thMan award winner Ben Gordon, may see his value depressed around the league to the point where he will not be offered anything beyond the Bulls scope of compensation. I don't foresee any contract near the league maximum value going towards Chandler (or Curry for that matter), and barring that happening I hope Paxson keeps true to his word.