Sunday, October 31, 2004

This "forecast" calls for....outstanding!

That was my Joel Siegel impression. But it is what he would say about John Hollinger's  Pro Basketball Forecast if he read it. Like I said after my initial impression, this book was a joy to read. It is as much entertaining as it was interesting. If you want to learn more about innovative metrics to evaluate teams and players, there is plenty to immerse yourself into. If you don't care much about those kind of things, and just want to learn about player tendencies and projections (a real great tool if you're into fantasy basketball), then fear not because every player has been dissected.

The best part about this book is Hollinger's witty style that is as much scathing as it is truthful. I'll pull some of my favorite quotes:

On Al Harrington:
    "It was hard for me to calmly watch Harrington last year without thinking "Damn it, this should be Brad Miller."

Bimbo Coles:
    "Please, let this be the end"

Michael Redd:
    "Every time Redd drives to the rim, you hear him yell out "And 1" to try a buy call from the refs. I can't help but wonder if the tactic wouldn't be more effective if he didn't do it 15 times a game"

Brian Scalabrine:
    "Scalabrine plays a lot of minutes because the Nets don't have anybody better, but that shouldn't confuse people into thinking he's a good player."

(now former Bull) Cezary Trybanski:
    "Its almost impossible to put up a negative PER, but Trybanski reminds me why I have to qualify that statement with 'almost'.

Tyson Chandler:
    "This is the kind of player Chicago should be trying to keep, not trade"

Kirk Hinrich:
    "The projections aren't exactly brimming with optimism about Hinrich's offensive development."

John Paxson:
    "Does anyone else get the impression the Paxson brothers just sit at home watching the NCAA Tournament and figure out whom to draft after the Final Four?"

The Bulls (previous season):
    "What a disaster"

There are a lot more great quips in there that will keep you interested even if you didn't previously know about the player. If you want to have a greater understanding for ANY team you happen to watch this year, I recommend you pick this book up.

Not coincidentally (in fact it inspired me to finally write a review), Knickerblogger has an interview up with Mr. Hollinger himself.