Thursday, February 17, 2005

Singing Praises

  • Scott over at Raptorblog has some nice compliments towards the Bulls after seeing them beat his Raps the night before.

How can the Raptors get where the Bulls are now? Well, Chicago needed six consecutive losing seasons before they finally broke their curse.

Well, I wouldn't necessarily say they needed it. And I wouldn't say this team is worth so many losses. But it's better than staying bad...or mediocre even. Riding a bandwagon is way more fun.

  • A great writeup over at the LA Times, an all encompassing story about all contributors to the great first half of the season, from Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf on down. The best part is they put in my favorite Skiles quotes in there, one of which you've probably noticed I pay reverence to in your browser window title.