Saturday, February 19, 2005

All-Star Festivities

Anthony Roche has stats and video clips of the Rookie/Sophomore game over at his blog. Reading that Kirk Hinrich went 0-7 from the field, can't help but think that the finger injury he suffered against Toronto is bothering him. Hopefully playing in the game will help him work his way back, not injure it more.

More for the 'praise' category, first from P.J. Carlesimo who coached in last night's game:

"What [Hinrich, Deng and Gordon] have done for Chicago is more impressive and more indicative of what they are capable of than what they did tonight,'' Carlesimo said. "Not that they didn't play well tonight, but the way they are playing for [coach] Scott [Skiles] tells you.

"I like Luol's versatility and I like Ben's confidence, and the fact that he takes and makes big shots. He comes off the bench, understands his role and does a great job for them. I'm very impressed with those two.''

And from Jay Mariotti, who managed to write a whole Bulls column without mentioning Jordan. I, for one, couldn't believe it.