Monday, February 21, 2005


Shaq v. Curry, Wade v. Gordon, Hinrich's good fingers v. his injured ones, Eddie Jones v. the front of the rim.....

Big game Tuesday night at the United Center, where I am proud to say I will be in attendance. And yes when I bought the tix it was to see Shaq. But if the Bulls can give the East power a good game, it'll be a big confidence booster before they set out  afterwards for 7 of 9 on the road.

As far as analysis goes, I'll just say I hope that Hinrich (and his bum hand) is up for chasing Wade all night, and that Duhon/Gordon don't have to help Hinrich to the point where they're ignoring one of the top 3-point weapons in the game. And that the big men don't have to help so Shaq is on the receiving end of many an lob pass. And that Hinrich doesn't get in foul trouble.

Let's just say that Wade's homecoming has me worried in general. That infamous '2-guard defensive specialist' that could be coming at the trade deadline would sure be useful.

So now I'll open up the floor, and if you haven't been to the NBA carnival yet, scroll down.